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Monday, June 21, 2010

PlayList for Monday June 21st

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MEDIEVAL PASSAGE - Janina Angel Bath

OTHER PLACE - Janina Angel Bath

ROAMING SONG - Janina Angel Bath

OLD SOUL - Janina Angel Bath

janina interview pt a - Janina Angel Bath

janina interview pt b - Janina Angel Bath

braids of hair - She

janina interview pt c - Janina Angel Bath

raga kut todi - Pandit Prahn Nath

janina interview pt d -Janina Angel Bath

music - Ace of cups

janina interview pt e - Janina Angel Bath

janina interview pt f - Janina Angel Bath

bear in danger - Mary youngblood

janina interview pt g - Janina Angel Bath

janina interview live song - Janina Angel Bath

"baby" - Aguaturbia

"I Learned To Stutter"/Coffin Car - Yoko Ono with Plastic Ono Band

Oh Dread - Althea and Donna

Janitor Of Lunacy - Nico

Sweet Lilac - Anonymous & J. Rider

Hashishin - Buffy Sainte-Marie & Ry Cooder

Mouse & the Crow - Carolanne Pegg

le Point Qui Scintille - Catherine Ribeiro

That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho) -The City

What You Call It - Elyse Weinberg

You Used To Think - Erica Pomerance

No One is There - Nico

Reynardine - Fairport Convention

Number 33 - Jan & Lorraine

Same Old Man - Karen Dalton

Sprig Of Thyme - Kathy & Carol

Funkier than a mosquito's tweeter - Nina Simone

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