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Monday, June 28, 2010

Track list 6/28/10

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Os Novos Baianos

Tom Zé

Jorge Ben

Som imaginario

Tony e som colorido


Os Mutantes

Loyce e os gnomes

Os Brazoes



Com os falcones reais

Caetano Veloso

Ave Sangria

Nelson Angelo E Joyce


We All Together

Milton Nascimento & Beto Guedes

Lô Borges

Gilberto Gil



Thee Oh Sees

Cambodian Rocks

The Velvet Underground

The Blank Tapes


Gary U.S. Bonds

The Gris Gris


Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

We Are The Arm

Sonny and the Sunsets


silver jews

Friday, June 25, 2010

Last Show Preview

this will be the last episode of the Great White Buffalo Show for now folks. my limbs have all healed and i'm going back to work and playing music so i won't have the extra time to continue sharing this good music. this week my song choices come from the spicy minds of South America. Join us on Monday for some moving music from Brasil, Argentina, Chile and more...

Monday, June 21, 2010

PlayList for Monday June 21st

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MEDIEVAL PASSAGE - Janina Angel Bath

OTHER PLACE - Janina Angel Bath

ROAMING SONG - Janina Angel Bath

OLD SOUL - Janina Angel Bath

janina interview pt a - Janina Angel Bath

janina interview pt b - Janina Angel Bath

braids of hair - She

janina interview pt c - Janina Angel Bath

raga kut todi - Pandit Prahn Nath

janina interview pt d -Janina Angel Bath

music - Ace of cups

janina interview pt e - Janina Angel Bath

janina interview pt f - Janina Angel Bath

bear in danger - Mary youngblood

janina interview pt g - Janina Angel Bath

janina interview live song - Janina Angel Bath

"baby" - Aguaturbia

"I Learned To Stutter"/Coffin Car - Yoko Ono with Plastic Ono Band

Oh Dread - Althea and Donna

Janitor Of Lunacy - Nico

Sweet Lilac - Anonymous & J. Rider

Hashishin - Buffy Sainte-Marie & Ry Cooder

Mouse & the Crow - Carolanne Pegg

le Point Qui Scintille - Catherine Ribeiro

That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho) -The City

What You Call It - Elyse Weinberg

You Used To Think - Erica Pomerance

No One is There - Nico

Reynardine - Fairport Convention

Number 33 - Jan & Lorraine

Same Old Man - Karen Dalton

Sprig Of Thyme - Kathy & Carol

Funkier than a mosquito's tweeter - Nina Simone

Sunday, June 20, 2010

6/21/10 preview Aguaturbia

Aguaturbia was a Chilean rock band formed in 1968, featuring Carlos Corales (guitars) and his wife Denise (vocals). Denise Corales pulls an intense amount of sexuality out of her listeners. Turn on to these erotic sounds on Mondays show.

6/21/10 preview Althea and Donna

I really dig the vibes these two ladies throw down. They have a very distinctive reggae sound that focuses on some sweet harmonies and nicely placed phrasing. Check out their sound on Mondays show!

6/21/10 preview Erica Pomerance

"Erica Pomerance is a Canadian documentary film maker, poet and singer songwriter. In 1968, she assembled a diverse group of musicians to record her debt and sole album. The music is an eclectic mix of classical, jazz, folk and psychedelic rock." Listen this Monday for her rough but sweet sounds.

6/21/10 preview Catherine Ribeiro

Catherine Ribeiro has and amazingly powerful voice and a beautiful vibe. i'll play a song from this experimental folkster on mondays show.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 21st Preview - Janina Angel Bath Interview

Tune in Monday June 21st 4-6pm PST for an interview with special guest Janina Angel Bath in the Marin Headlands. Janina has a vibe that melds India, Native America and the West Coast together into a potent sound all her own. Join us as we talk about music, spirituality and her past and present adventures! http://www.earthangelart.com

Monday, June 14, 2010

Track listing for Monday 6/14/10

Podcast available @ http://www.fccfreeradio.com/?page_id=216

These Trails- These Trails

Fuga No. 11 (Fugue No. 11) - Os Mutantes

Sometimes I Think Age Is A Treasure - Turid

Paper Mountain Man - Linda Perhacs

Tenere - Group Bombino

Love 13 - Heron

Livin' In The Country - Cowboy

Fair And Tender Ladies - Eric Von Schmidt

Brownskin Gal - Joseph Spence

Houston - Lee Hazlewood

All My Life - Ithaca

Track 10 - The Divas from mali

I'm not saying - Nico

Round & Round (It Won't Be Long)- Neil Young

Dancin' Wizard - Sopwith Camel

Dark Haired Lady - Dr. Strangely Strange

Greensboro Woman - Townes Van Zandt

Um Gosto De Fruta - Nelson Angelo E Joyce

Small Town Talk - Bobby Charles

ledi coumbe - Ali farka toure

Where Is My Mother (acoustic) - Bob Marley & The Wailers

Brasil Pandeiro - Novos Baianos

A Woman Like You - Darius

Move On Sweet Flower - July

Sweet Pounding Rythm - Elyse Weinberg

Moon Child - Jerry Jeff Walker

Tipe Tizwe - African Mbira

look at what the light did - Little Wings

Sidewalk Hobo - Tony Joe White

Look At Your Game Girl - Charles Manson

Mudflap Cadillac - Rob Galbraith

mariama kaba - Boubacar traore

deboraarobed - Tyrannosaurus Rex

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monday June 14th Preview- Folksters

This mondays show will focus it's ear on the acoustic guitar just on the weirder side of the folk fence.
I'll be playing mellow tracks from mushroom capped folkies, grass growing hillbillies, desert wandering shredders, and beach bonging brazilians. Please tune in or check back for the free streaming podcast.

Monday June 14th Preview - Group Bombino

I was totally blown away by this current Agadez guitarist when I first put this album on. Bombino is a World Class Shredder from the deserts of Africa. Whether plugged in or not his grooves are infectious and moving and are sometimes slightly more rock and roll than most African guitarists I've heard. Check out some Youtube of this dude!

Monday June 14th Preview - Bobby Charles "Gulf Coast Environmentalist"

This album really shows off Bobby Charles' solid songwriting and warming voice. It was recorded after Bobby went into hiding from the law in Woodstock, NY and was promised by Al Grossman that he'd get the charges dropped if Bobby would sign the recording deal. 'The Band' and others help to lay down the laid back grooves and Bobby croons that comfy cajun voice of his. Later in his career he was tired of how the states along the Gulf of Mexico had been run over by chemical and petrol companies (especially in Louisianna) and started a movement to educate children about pollution - "you have to educate kids about this serious issue early. It’s already too late in their teens when they have hard heads and hard ons."

Monday June 14th Preview - Nelson Angelo e Joyce

I'm going to play a track from this brilliant and lush brazilian duo. Nelson Angelo was part of Milton Nascimento's crew in the early 70's and Joyce is a huge singer and guitarist in Brazil and beyond. The harmonies are what really grab me along with the tasteful arrangements of the songs.

Monday, June 7, 2010

PlayList for Monday June 7th

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p.s. the first 30 seconds or so have nothing to do with my show!!!

The Good Mr. Square -The Pretty Things

Is This The Dream- Zombies

Hello Sunshine- Relatively Clean Rivers

Ozzy - We All Together

Hole In His Hand- Jesse Harper

Parachute- The Pretty Things

Can You Dig It?- The Monkees

A Las Orillas Del Vilcanota- El Polen

Tom Cat- Muddy Waters

Hodi Hu Yenyan- le Kene Star De Sikasso

Dandruff- The Monkees

Willie Was A Honkie - Rob Galbraith

T for Texas- The Everly Brothers

Little Bit of Rain- Karen Dalton

Outlaw- Eugene McDaniels

Good things going on- The Mighty Three

T.V. Eye- The Stooges

Fazon- Sopwith Camel

Track 05- Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou Dahomey

P.S. Come Back- Kaleidoscope

Elevated Platform- Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck

bango- Ali farka toure

I'm the One Whose the Blame- The Paragons

Faith Children- Little Wings

Track 07- 14 bis

sleepy eyes- morning

Hello- Harumi

Elizabeth- The Bubble Puppy

Cool Jerk - The Creation

Ancient Paths- Darius

For a Moment- Orient Express

Question Mark- Billy Nicholls

watch yourself - West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

what button? - little wings

The wonderful world of Neil Krug


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Little Wings

Little Wings was one of the first California performers i had the pleasure of hearing live when i first arrived in the Bay Area in 2005. i remember my buddy Rich Russell playing 'Light Green Leaves' for me in his VW 'pop top' back on the lake in Austin, TX and i've been grooving to Little Wings ever since. Kyle Field is one of the most talented improvisers i've witnessed in a live setting. i'll be playing a song from 'Wonderue' on the show Monday June 7th. FCC FREE RADIO 4-6pm

The Outlaw - Eugene McDaniels

I'm really into this one track from his album "Outlaw" where he describes a rebellious woman who makes her own sexy rules.

check it out on the show tomorrow. FCC FREE RADIO
June 7th, 4-6pm

Karen Dalton

Karen Dalton has a voice that instantly resonates with it's listener. I liken it to a heart broken trumpet in the night.

I'll be spinning a tune from her fine debut on tomorrows show. FCC FREE RADIO June 7th
from 4-6pm

the Everly Brothers "Roots"

this is an overlooked and odd album of folkadelic roots music from the classic harmony crooners. i've never heard a more rad version of "T for Texas" all covered in wah wah bliss. I'll be spinning this track on tomorrows show!

the lost 'bubble puppies'

This band of Texans made some of the most moving and raw rock of the 60's but seldom do you hear their weirdly named music. I'll be spinning a track from the band on tomorrows show on FCC FREE RADIO June 7th - 4pm-6pm